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Online Learning Management Software

Online Learning & Teaching Platforms

Get your own comprehensive learning management software that allows you to offer interactive courses.  Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with an easy-to-use user interface. You can teach and also allow other teachers to teach on your platform.

We develop these type of online teaching software keeping in mind all the practical shortcomings which could arise in a digital learning solution. We add all necessary features that make it feasible for the teachers and students to overcome all shortcomings.

The online training software is easy to use and generates multiple reports that help teachers and students track progress. The learning management software also allows students and teachers to interact with each other to solve queries online. The students can also form groups and join discussions to get a better understanding of the course. The teachers can send notifications to students on mail, prompt students for assessments, and make better assessments with analysis reports.  

Key Features of our Online Learning & Teaching Platform

Create Unlimted Courses

Teachers can create unlimited courses and quizzes themselves also add videos & images.

  • Course Modules:  You can divide the course into multiple modules and sections and allow users to track the progress of the course with responsive graphs
  • Quizzes:  You can add and quick test at the end of modules and chapters to assess students.
    • Fill In The Blanks
    • True False
    •  Multiple Choice questions

Complete Control

  • Manage Learners: You can see who has enrolled and how many have enrolled for the course. Check the progress and scores of learners 
  • Notification: You can send automatic and personalized notifications to the learner by mail and even through SMS.

Chat, Discussions and Video Call

  • Chat: Students and teachers can interact using a chat system to clarify doubts. The chat system works like any other social media.
  • Discussions & Groups: The teachers can moderate group and discussions on related topics for fellow learners.
  • Video Calls & Webinars: Teachers can also arrange one-to-one video calls and live webinars for students.


When finishing a course, you can provide certifications for passed students – as proof for completing this course.

As a certificate can be fake easily, we added the feature of verifying that allows certificates to have a verify link. When the student shares the certificate with anyone else (employer, schools, etc), they can check the link and verify that this is an authentic certificate.


  • Sell Courses: You can sell your courses and accept online payments.
    • Course Duration: The teachers can define for how long the learner can access the course.
    • Attempts: No. of attempts to pass the course can be defined.
  • Allow Other Teachers: You can allow teachers to sell their courses and charge commission.
Online Learning Management Software
Online Learning Management Software

Our Process

On all work that we undertake, we carefully plan each and every phase of the website designing and development. We dived our process into Six phases:-

  • Discover: This phase of the website development process is all about gathering information.
  • Structure: The structure of your website is planned based on the marketing strategy you want to use to promote. In this phase, we also plan the sitemap of your website to understand what goes where. Content development or finalization is also a part of this phase.
  • Design: In this phase, we close the wireframe, look and feel of the website. During this process, we try to understand and suggest fonts, colors, graphics, effects, and whatnot.
  • Development: Here translate the plans from notes to codes that make the website work. We follow the progress of each project progress with task management systems which help our team members to be in sync with the desired outcome.
  • Launch: The launch is done after internal testing is over. We ensure that the final product is error-free.
  • Maintain: At last it’s about keeping all the hard work done in a good shape and keeping it updated with the latest content and most important technology.  

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Online Learning Management Software

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